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MetroMax is a FedEx ISP Last Mile Delivery provider that has grown to provide back-office support to FedEx contractors wishing to increase and/or enhance operational efficiency. We provide higher quality assistance by simplifying procedures and providing answers to challenges that ISPs face on a regular basis, all while helping to save costs by employing our BPO services.

We not only give assistance, but we also help lead ISPs through a successful FedEx journey. We have skilled and experienced managers and personnel on hand that have rebuilt and operated successful FedEx P&D businesses. Our services enable contractors to focus on their core beliefs and expand their roles and responsibilities while we manage their back office to maximize overall business success. We specialize in giving service 24 hours a day, seven days a week!!!!

Human Resources and Recruitment Support (Based on client hours of needs )

Depending on the demands, recruitment occurs all year. We manage all step of the recruiting process from start to finish, up until the applicant is delivered to you for a Road Test and your approval:

We also help to establish and offer benefits for Employees:

In addition, we assist with compliance, worker’s compensation, insurance, and document filing for reporting and record keeping.

Operations Support (Based on Client hour needs)

Accounting Services (Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm)

Why Choose Us?

  • Predictable Expenses For You – An all-inclusive, Fixed Monthly Price – hire as many as drivers you want
  • Ready To Go – Our team comes ready-made with Vonage, Hellosign, etc. dedicated for you, and set up for you
  • Familiarity with FedEx Processes – Hands-on experience in running FedEx ISP Operations, ex-FADV experts, ready to hit the ground running
  • Improved Candidate Communications – Free white-labeled software to collect driver documents from their mobiles
  • Lower Your Cost of Job Board Postings – A Free software platform for Driver Candidate Referrals
  • We are supporting 1000+ contractors across FedEx.
  • We run operations from our global delivery centers. In most cases, we have delivered savings of upwards of 40% in operating costs.

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Hi, My name is Jeremale and I’m the Operations Manager for MetroMax Solutions. I specialize in revitalizing underperforming accounts and leading start-up operations in the Last Mile Delivery industry.

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