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How to Retain FedEx Ground Drivers After Peak

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As we all know, during the holiday season, FedEx ground volume reaches its peak. This can often lead to an overwhelming number of new drivers being hired to handle the influx of packages.

However, many of these new drivers tend to quit after the holidays are over. FedEx Ground needs to implement some strategies to retain these drivers to keep them motivated and engaged. Here are a few ideas that could benefit you:

  • Give drivers opportunities for advancement within the company.
  • Offer competitive pay and benefits.
  • Create a positive work environment with supportive management.
  • Encourage driver feedback and implement changes based on this feedback.

Suppose FedEx Ground can focus on implementing some or all of these strategies. In that case, they should be able to retain their current drivers and avoid having to hire new ones every year.

How to Retain Your FedEx Ground Drivers?

Research indicates that most new drivers will leave their company within six months of starting.

The peak season for driving is between Thanksgiving and Christmas, with an exceptionally high volume of packages during the three to four weeks leading up to Christmas.

Companies typically see an increase in employees during peak season, but after peak season, there are extra contractors available.

This allows you to evaluate your current staff and determine which drivers to keep going forward.

Evaluate Your Drivers

It is essential to evaluate your drivers. Driver turnover is high, which ranges from 30-40% per year. The review should show FedEx drivers the following:


The most significant factor affecting these operations is drivers failing to show up for work.

Offering bonuses or incentives to drivers with high attendance rates is an excellent method to reduce absenteeism.


It is critical to evaluate your drivers’ efficiency. You should know how efficient your drivers’ routes are and how many stops they make every hour.

For example, if a driver earns $165 per day and makes 18 stops per hour, you can encourage them to make 22 stops and offer them $185 per day instead.

This is a terrific way to encourage drivers to make more stops and earn more money.

Determine The Types of Benefits

You can increase employee retention by offering different benefits. Benefits can include:

  • Healthcare
  • PTO
  • Bonuses
  • Vacation days
  • Company events

Build a Family Atmosphere

Make sure you create an environment where team members feel valued and can express their concerns to management.

Individuals are more inclined to consider themselves part of a family environment when they feel they are part of something bigger and have an outlet for their frustrations. They also work longer hours.

Purchase New Vehicles and Maintain Your Fleet

Drivers love their jobs more when they enjoy their working surroundings. There is much to say about spending most of the day in a clean, climate-controlled vehicle.

That satisfaction, however, will fade if the vehicles are old, prone to breaking, and filthy.

Leverage an Incentive Structure

Everyone appreciates being recognized and appreciated for their hard work.

As an example of an attendance incentive, guarantee your drivers that they will receive a whole extra day of salary every three months they go without being called out. That will keep drivers interested in getting in their cars!

This offers drivers control over their day’s efficiency and encourages their team to think creatively.


FedEx Ground has identified several strategies that can help them retain its drivers. By offering competitive pay and benefits, creating a positive work environment, and encouraging driver feedback, you should be able to keep your current drivers satisfied and engaged. FedEx Ground is an excellent place to start if you are seeking a career in transportation.

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